Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Little Justice Leaders box?

The Little Justice Leaders box is a monthly subscription that will help you talk about and engage in social justice issues with your child or your students. In each package, you will find resources that will guide you to have conversations with your child or students about these issues in an age-appropriate way. 

How does it work?

Each month, you will receive a box full of goodies that help you talk to your learners about social justice in an age-appropriate way for kids in grades K-6th grade. The  box is packed with  resources to help guide your conversations and activities while learning about the topics. 

What types of items will come in my subscription?

Each month, you will find something new in your box focused on a social justice issue. Your box will come with items such as books, crafts, and other physical items to help guide activities and conversations. In addition, each  box will come with printed cards that provide information including history lessons, features of social justice leaders, spotlights of the non-profits that will benefit from this box, and more! 

Will the content be age-appropriate for my kids?

These are sensitive issues. We get it. We pack the monthly subscription with resources created specifically for young learners in grades K-6th grade by experts in education, and our priority is to ensure they are age-appropriate. Our activities allow you to talk about the issues at the level you feel comfortable with - and no more. Go as deep or stay as surface-level as you want. You know your learners best, and you know what is appropriate for them right now. Remember, you can always come back to the resources later when you feel they are ready to dive deeper. 

When will I get my box?

We ship around the 4th of every month, and you'll be billed on the 11th of the month for the next box. Your first month will be the month after you subscribe. So, if you subscribe in the month of March, you can expect to get your first box in early April. 

Is school and district pricing available?  

Yes! We offer packages for schools and districts to integrate Little Justice Leaders with all of their teachers. Email Shelby at for a custom quote. Please include an estimated number of teachers who would like to get a box.

How does my subscription contribute to the company's mission of giving back?

For every box sold, a donation will be made to a non-profit that is working on the social justice issue addressed in that box. Each month, you and your child or students can feel good about making an impact while you learn about issues that matter. 

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

With Little Justice Leaders, you are never locked into a contract. You can cancel your subscription anytime online in your account. If you need help, just email us at and we'll get your subscription cancelled. Or, you are always welcome to skip a month or two if you just need a break! 

Are you ready to help the kids in your life become Little Justice Leaders?